Thursday, May 1, 2014

スネアドラムを作る→スネアドラムを叩く 13号

Make a Snare Drum → Play a Snare Drum
Part 13
10 Ply Maple 4.5"x 14" (8 Lug) Piccolo

カバリングはTom OhtaさんのVCPS (Visual Custom Print Shop)から桜シーズンにプレゼントして頂いた物です。VCPSは地球上で一番クールなカバリング製作会社です


This is the prettiest snare I have ever built. Pretty Awesome Sound Too!! The Custom Wrap was designed by VCPS (Visual Custom Print Shop) Owner Tom Ohta and was given to DB as a gift for Cherry Blossom Season. VCPS makes the Coolest Custom Wrap on the planet.  
Check it Out! 

DB and VCPS look forward to bringing you more exciting projects. 

Model Name

UnTiL NeXt TiMe

HaPpY dRuMmIn

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