Thursday, January 30, 2014

スネアドラムを作る→スネアドラムを叩く 12号

Make a Snare Drum → Play a Snare Drum
Part 12
6 Ply Maple (with Re-Rings) 7"x 13" (8 Lug) Deep Soprano

10 ply x 1 inch Re-Rings

7" x 13" 6ply メープルシェルに1" 10plyメープルのRe-Ringをつけたものです。

In my opinion this snare screams "Pick Me Up And Play Me". 7"x 13" 6ply Maple Shell with 1 inch 10 ply Maple Re-Rings. White Pearl Wrap gives it that frozen "Cool as Ice"appearance 
and of course Remo Diplomat Heads never disappoint.  As for Sound? No doubt about it, this snare sounds as good as it looks. Maybe even better.

Model Name
"COOL 13"

UnTiL NeXt TiMe

HaPpY dRuMmIn

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