Wednesday, September 11, 2013

スネアドラムを作る→スネアドラムを叩く 9号

Make a Snare Drum → Play a Snare Drum
Part 9
(10プライ・ メープル 14" x  5" 8 lug)

Snare Drum (10 Ply Natural Wax Finish)

After finishing the last exciting project "Special Edition Toms" I decided to go back to basics and build another Sasurai Model identical to the original model except this time use a slightly darker natural finish with black nickel hardware.

The Sasurai Model has been a favourite of mine for a long time and when I'm looking for a good sounding, good looking, lightweight yet tough snare suited to any playing situation I find myself reaching for this one.

Model Name
"Sasurai The Black"

UnTiL NeXt TiMe

HaPpY dRuMmIn

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