Monday, March 4, 2013

スネアドラムを作る→スネアドラムを叩く 6号

Make a Snare Drum → Play a Snare Drum

Part 6

(10プライ・ メープル 14" x 5" 8 lug)
Snare Drum (10 ply Maple copper wrap)
When designing this drum the focus was really just on the look. It really just started with a piece of copper wrap. From the first time I saw the orange and black I imagined a Tiger. So I wanted the drum to have a wild yet beautiful look, almost Majestic. The lugs I envisioned to look either like teeth clamping down on the drum or claws grasping hold of the shell.

Usually when building a snare, I consider the sound aspects before anything. After all a great sounding snare drum is the Drummers Best Friend. But like a Tiger this one just crept past with no sound and leapt out at me. The sound is still pretty awesome though.
Model Name
"The Tiger"

UnTiL NeXt TiMe

HaPpY dRuMmIn