Tuesday, October 9, 2012

スネアドラムを作る→スネアドラムを叩く 4号

Make a Snare Drum → Play a Snare Drum

Part 4

A Special Drum for Marco


スネアドラム (15プライ・ メープル 14" x 5.5" 10 lug)
Snare Drum (15 ply maple)

Planning and Designing
Although I feel that every drum I build is special, this one in particular is perhaps the most with a special story to match. I built this drum for my friend Marco who lives in Peru. Marco and I became friends through a drum forum in which I mentioned that my interests are building and playing drums. Never did I imagine that someone would ask me to build them a snare drum. If I was to be totally honest I was a little shocked at first but at the same time excited.

Until then I had never considered building a drum for anyone but myself. I never planned or wanted to build drums commercially and in fact at first was a little afraid that I may lose myself and the part of my soul that inspired creativity. But in the back of my mind I wanted to share drum building with other people and always thought that if I ever meet the right kind of person who shares the same passion for drums and drumming as I do, then I would agree to build them a drum.
Marco is exactly that kind of person.

Over the next couple of weeks we talked about drums and drumming. I learned that Marco used to be a Professional Soccer Goal Keeper in Peru, stands at 190cm high and is heavy set. He plays a Double Bass Kit (Tama Super Star) and generally plays hard rock. I imagine the sound of the Double Bass to be something similar to rolling thunder. His kit is all black, looks really tough and you would need to be real serious just to sit down behind it.

When designing Marco's snare, the main objective was to build a drum that firstly had a big sound (volume) and was suited to playing in pretty much any situation and environment, in particular wide open areas. We decided that a 14" x 5.5" 15ply maple shell would deliver this. But other than the importance of good sound, this drum needed to look really good. I wanted this drum to fit in with Marco's kit yet at the same time have it's own personality.

I was also a little concerned that if we were not careful this drum could be consumed and overpowered by the rest of the kit. I tried to imagine what this drum should look like and at last I could see it, a "Diamond" amongst hard rocks. Only in the presence of each other do they really shine. In Chinese Philosophy "Yin and Yang"refers to complete opposites that have a positive effect on or compliment each other.  Marco decided that he didn't want to colour the shell . He didn't want to disturb the natural wood color. I thought this was a great choice. He decided that the natural wood with Black Nickel Fittings would give it the tough look we were chasing, after all it was going to have to fit in with an All Black Double Bass Monster and still have enough appeal, volume and punch to be seen and heard. Lastly we we decided on Remo Emperor Heads with a coated batter.
We felt that this drum would definitely have something other than a great sound which would make it distinctively stand out in the crowd.

 So was this achieved?
Yes I think so, absolutely. But the final judgement will be when this drum arrives in Peru and into the hands of the True Owner. One thing is for sure, this drum has a lot of punch and is a great sounding, great looking drum. However once again the final judgement will have to come from the True Owner.

It was a real honour to work with Marco building this drum. Once completed I felt it was actually Marco that had built it. To have such enthusiasm and energy coming from half way around the world on almost daily basis was truly inspiring.
Many Thanks Amigo

This drum is scheduled to arrive in Peru in approximately 2 weeks time. I look forward to hearing what Marco has to say. I hope it is everything he hoped for.

Model Name
UnTiL NeXt TiMe

HaPpY dRuMmIn

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